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This is one of our go-to spots for relatively inexpensive but also rather quality food! Also the variety is amazing! There are so many options with this place! I havent even got close to trying everything, so I cant speak on every menu item, but everything we have tried has been good. Some of our favorites include their angus burgers, the stuffed bread, and their chili cheese fries. Their pizza is pretty decent too. Overall, I recommend this place when your party wants a variety of food and/or relatively inexpensive food that doesnt disappoint in quality and good taste! Also, I dont recall this restaurant ever making any mistakes with our orders, which is huge! Not saying it cant happen, but am saying that they typically get it right!


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I've ordered from Pizza & Grill 3 times now, and have not been disappointed. Delivery is absurdly fast, which is becoming such a rarity in Denver. I love the app bread w/ mozz and sauce, simple and delicious. Fond of the chicken strips as well, they're really well made, super crispy. The fries.... well they leave a little to be desired. I end up dunking them in ranch or just adding some salt. The pastas are tasty, everything comes well packaged, and I'm thankful for the low delivery price. I'll keep ordering here :)


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Im just obsessed with this place! I order from here so often that I even know the delivery guys and they know me! The food is always consistently delicious! Im never disappointed! The pizza with cream cheese is to die for nom nom! The cheese quesadilla is perfection and you get a bonus sliceof cake if you spend 30 dollars! Oh and the portions are massive! The deliveries are always way early too! The food is always hot! Love it here!


1 review
Im from the east coast. Wings are normally a problem in Denver. These guys actually nailed it.

Most of the time when you order wings in Colorado, you get dried out, sauce-less, garbage. Or they have a weird barbecue/hot combination.

These wings nailed it. Perfect sauce, great price, amazingly well done. My only suggestion would be a less salad-dressingy bleu cheese (less tang) and it would be absolutely perfect.


1 review
When I had to help someone with a broken ankle move into their apartment, I forgot my phone and felt like a total jerk for making them wait, and made the poor driver wait 5 minutes for me, but he was so kind and courteous and forgiving, and really made me like this place even more. The food is great, fairly priced and the chocolate cake is amazing. Easy 5 stars!

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2 reviews
If you want solid philly cheese steak with fries on the low. order from here.


1 review
great food, great prices, and our delivery driver is always so nice!


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Love this place! Always good food, on time, and correct!


1 review
Awesome! Just what I wanted and fast delivery.


1 review
Amazing pizza. Not so great wings.

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